2019 was a tough year for me in many regards, and I simply didn’t find (make?) time to keep up my trip reports. It’s a shame, because writing them brings me such great pleasure. Work demands continue to stretch me thin, but I’m striving to complete my 40 Peaks for 40 Years trip reports, as well as adding some highlights from my favorite adventures of 2019.

Here’s a preview of posts-in-progress, coming soon:

My Loopy Summer Vacation Adventure, wherein I run lots of looped routes, tag peaks, swim in alpine lakes, navigate cross country, camp in the back country, and packraft! Highlights include Peak 22: Alta Mountain and Rampart Ridge/Lakes; Peak 23: Elbow Peak; Peak 24: Jolly Mountain; PCT Solo Run; Tuck and Robin Lakes; Pete Lake; Diamond Lake and Pollalie Ridge; Wenatchee River packraft paddle; and, the highlight, the Alpine Lakes High Route Traverse. What a vacation!

Heading back down the gorgeous ridge after summiting Alta Mountain.
Photo Credit: Seth Wolpin

Cascade Crest 100 Race Report, in which I return to the scene of my first DNF to get a monkey off my back. Plus, Peak 25: Blowout Mountain.

Running down to Silver Creek and on to the Cascade Crest finish line.
Photo credit: Seth Wolpin

The Great Dolomiti Adventure: in which I thru-hike the Alta Via 2 in the Italian Dolomites. Includes a lot of peaks, passes, ponies, and polenta. If this report and accompanying photos doesn’t leave you dreaming of your own trip to the Dolomiti, then there’s something wrong with you.

There was much hugging of horses and cows on this adventure.
Photo credit: Jen Schneider

The Barkley Fall Classic 2019 Race Report: Everyone’s perennial favorite race report. Bonus, this year, no crying! Includes Peak 35: Frozen Head Mountain and Peak 36: Bird Mountain.

Crawling up Rat Jaw, through the saw briers, inexplicably smiling.
Photo Credit: Misty Wong

Peak 37: Mt. Beljica, in which I explore a peak close to home, with front-row glacier views in the aptly named Glacier View Wilderness.

That’ll do, Beastie.

Peak 38: Teneriffe, in which I embark on a solo mountain adventure that reminds me to know when to fold em’.

Well hello there, Winter.

Peak 40: Mt. Catherine, in which I hold my breath and hope that I don’t cause my father to have a heart attack in the wilderness.

Making haste on the descent so as to get to Aardvark in time.

Peak 41: Snoqualmie Mountain Solo, in which I make up one Poo Poo Point deduction and celebrate the faculty vote in support of my tenure and promotion.

I enjoyed having the summit to myself for about an hour and reveled in the 360 degree views.

Yakima Skyline Ridge to River Packraft Adventure, in which Seth and I embark on our first true packrafting adventure that entails both packing and rafting.

Bushwhacking up to the ridge while toting all of our camping and rafting gear.

Peak 43 (or, 41, depending on who’s counting) Amabilis Mountain Solo, in which I conclude my 40 Peaks for 40 Years Challenge by snowshoeing (Official) Peak 41 and turning 41 years old.

The final approach to the summit of Amabilis Mountain.

Upcoming big adventures in 2020:

Solving the Panch Pokhari Puzzle in Nepal this March!

Spending nearly 3 weeks in the wild with students in June and July!

Wilderness Solo: My Great Alpine Lakes Circumambulation in August!

Stay tuned!